Wednesday, May 30, 2012


 We had some fun this weekend doing physics experiments. We shot rockets.

 Can you make a website that teaches kids how to shoot rockets?

Think about all the tools you now have to use: HTML, CSS, Java, Voki, Fireworks, Flash, video, ShowMe, Google, YouTube, your blog.  How will you use these tools to tell your story?  How will you tell your story so a four year old can shoot rockets safely and have fun (with the help of a parent...)?

Scroll back through this website to remember some of the tools we have used.  I often forget about tools.

Some ideas:
1. Embed a video.  Maybe you create one.  You can use my video.
2. Use a Voki for instructions (Step 1, Step 2, etc...).  Kids love clicking on a voki.
3. Use Flash to create a "rocket ship" in your title.
4. Use CSS and table to create a cool layout for your webpage.
5. Use a prezi or google presentation to layout instructions.  Or maybe put them in a Flash movie.

Some essentials:
1. Make your code spotless, clean, and efficient.
2. Save everything in a folder.  Copy to UDrive when done.
3. Write a blog post about the project.  Embed a video in the post and talk about why you choose the tools you did.
4. Really try to keep your design on the screen, no scrolling.  Would multiple pages be better?

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That's cool! It's easy to make and safe to use. Like it! Congrats!