Wednesday, May 02, 2012

iPad reviews

You must have the Flash replication project done and the two coding courses done to do todays assignment.

I would also like you to help a classmate who may be struggling with the Java work if they need it.

Today we will work on doing some iPad reviews.  There is some issues with wifi connectivity in the computer lab so I may send you away.

Please write a review of three iPad apps on your blog.  This review must include:

  • Link to iTunes page for the app.
  • Educational uses for the app.
  • How easy was it to use and any other review.
Some of the iPads dont have all the apps.  Apps to choose from:
  • Six Strings
  • Morris Lessmore
  • DustBuster
  • My Story or Scribble Press
  • Noteshelf (or any other note program)
  • Skitch
  • Guardian Eyewitness
  • Molecules
You can write your reviews right on the iPad if you choose (and we have internet connection).

If you complete the iPad reviews you should head back to codeacademy and work on a new course.

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