Sunday, May 20, 2012


NBC has a cool thing where you can vote on your top Olympic moment.

I'd like you to spend some time watching the moments today.

Then I'd like you to create an HTML website that highlights your #1 moment.  You should:

1. Create a modern design to the website.  Be sure to include a title.  Don't have your website make some of these mistakes.
2. Include cool graphics for a Header.
3. Embed the video.  You can grab the embed code off YouTube.
4. Save everything to a folder (example: bschneiderOlympics).  Save to Udrive.

Be creative!  Include Flash, Fireworks and any CSS or HTML you picked up doing codecademy.

These websites should be looking more modern each time you build them.  Spend some time building clean code.

I love this stuff.  People love the Olympics because of the total focus and guts shown by the athletes.  Can your website celebrate that?  I remember watching almost all of these.  Ali lighting the torch makes me cry each time I see it.  I love Kerri Strug's vault.  Watch her face on the slo-mo.  Michael Johnson's 200m was the greatest race ever.  I don't know which one I would pick!

End the day with a blog post writing why you choose your clip.  Be sure to embed code in blog post and include links.

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