Monday, November 26, 2012

New Work

Donate some rice, if you don't mind.  Spend a few minutes.


I think this is very, very funny.  You can find through out where people start to write reviews about very simple devices.  Check out this banana slicer, then scroll down to read the reviews.

Knowing how to write is very powerful.

Challenge 13:  Some of you have experience with spreadsheets, some of you don't.  This next challenge will be a good way to get us started.  Create a new spreadsheet in your shared folder and name it "Challenge 13: Spreadsheet".

Design a spreadsheet that includes the following information:

  • Monthly sales figures need to be collected.
  • Mr. Jones, Ms. Smith, Mr. Williams, and Miss Stanley are the sales people who work for "Schneider Corp".
  • Schneider Corp sells farm equipment.  Tractors cost $10000, Mowers cost $5000, and Plows cost $15,000.
  • Mr. Jones sold 3 tractors, 2 mowers, and zero plows this month.
  • Ms. Smith sold 1 tractor, 1 mower, 1 plow.
  • Mr. Williams sold 5 plows.
  • Miss Stanley sold 2 tractors, 2 mowers, 1 plow.
The spreadsheet should show me total $$ each sales person sold, total # of each item sold, total $ of each item sold.  Finally what was our total $$ sales for the month?

I will walk around and help you.  Also use google and the help menu to figure out your formulas.  It may help some of you to draw it out on paper first.


Challenge 14:

This will be the first time I've done this, but Google search stories look pretty cool.  Check out some examples.  I don't want to spend a ton of time on this, I just want to see what it can do.

I'd like you to create your own story.  Any school appropriate subject.  Be creative.

This may pull up inappropriate images or topics.  If so, quietly fix it.

When done post your story to youTube and then to your blog.  Please include a short review of search stories and include a link so people can make their own.  

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