Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Spreadsheet practice:

Challenge #13 (extra):
Can you attach a chart to the Challenge #13 SchneiderCorp spreadsheet that shows me how much farm equipment stuff we sold?

Challenge #15:
Clean up your google a day spreadsheet.  What is the average time it took you to solve the puzzle?  Yes there is a formula for time.  Thats todays puzzle, I suppose.  Can you find and apply this formula to get an average?  I don't have an answer yet, but I'm sure its really simple.

Challenge #16:
Create a Google Presentation of your class schedule.  A few rules:

1. You can only have 10 slides.  Not 9, not 11, but 10.
2. You must spend some time reading about Presentation Zen.  Really check out some of the tips.  I will not accept poorly designed slides.
3. You can only use YOUR photos or drawings OR photos you find using a CC search.  Plagiarism applies to photos as well as text.  If you search within Google Docs (click insert image) those images will be CC images.

Name the presentation "Schedule" and save in your shared folder.


Podcast #4 is due Friday December 7.  Start working on your script in Evernote.  I'll bring the iPads next time.

Some of you gave me random podcasts last time.  Please ensure your podcasts all go off the same theme.


Edit your blog.  Check for comments.


I'm going to unload a project next class so I want to use this class to get everyone caught up.  Some of you may finish early.

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