Sunday, December 02, 2012

Computer Lab Design Project

Imagine you cleared this room out.  No chairs, no computers, no nothing.

Imagine I gave you $50,000 to outfit a new computer lab.  What would you design?  I want you to prepare a proposal.

Your lab might look like a Starbucks with a juice machine, couches and a few tables.  It might have a bunch of round tables for people to collaborate.  Your lab might have PCs, iMacs, Laptops, or iPads.  Will it have a TV or a Smartboard?  Should there be a rug?  Posters?  Ergonomic furniture?

What are some of my parameters for the computer lab?
  • There should be seating for 25.
  • You must budget for everything.  This includes chairs, wifi hubs, printers, etc... You must budget for software.
  • This is a "general purpose" lab for a high school.
What must you prepare?
  • A spreadsheet outlining how you will spend the money.
  • One page memo.  Memo must start with the words "I recommend that...."
  • A slideshow presentation to the class.  You will present this to class.
  • Drawings or video of proposed lab.
  • You must turn in a paper copy of your proposal as well as post all work on your blog.
What will I look for?
  • That you contribute to discussions and documents.
  • Thoughtful design and research.  Will the lab be effective? You should show evidence of research ("I emailed Microsoft", "I surveyed the English department")
  • Accuracy and proper use of tools (google docs, spreadsheet formulas, etc...).  
  • Presentation is consistently designed.  For example, your fonts on the spreadsheet match the fonts on your memo.
You can work in groups of 1-4 on this project.  Some of you will enjoy working and collaborating.  Some of you will work better by yourself.  

I will set a due date soon, but I expect this will be due in two weeks.

I will nitpick this project like crazy.  Be ready.

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