Friday, December 21, 2012

Snow Fall

Today we will read the Snow Fall.  Everyone is talking about this piece in the NY Times.  It is an amazing blend of video, text, graphics, and audio.  You should read it with your headphones on.

That's right, a newspaper piece you read with your headphones on.

This is a "long read".  Take the time.  It is worth it.  I realize that some of you are slower readers and this might end up being homework.

Your test grade is a blog entry.  We have not had a test yet this marking period.  Your question: "How will writing change in the digital age?".  Be sure to reference this Snow Fall text.

Please think about your answer.  Plan it out.  Include links.


Many of you know I grew up in Newtown and have many connections to Sandy Hook School.  This week has been challenging.  I appreciate the support of my colleagues and from you.

Many students have asked "what can we do?".

I think above all we must ensure that no student lives in isolation.  Know your neighbor.  Make a new friend today on the bus or in the cafeteria.  We can do more.

I favor the 26 acts of kindness campaign that is growing.  Check it out.

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