Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Podcast #4 and Project Notes

1. Podcast #4 will be due Friday December 7.  I warned you last week to prepare a script.

2. When preparing your presentation you have several choices for tools.

  • Google Presentations
  • Prezi
  • Keynote (on iPad)
  • Haiku Deck (on iPad)
Be sure to choose the best tool for you.  I expect we will present in the music room as there is no screen in here.  You can present from the iPad or laptop.

3. As of today I am planning on having you present on Thursday December 13.  

4. If you feel a bit behind you might have some homework.  Perhaps you need to put your phone away during class.  This project is the major assessment for the 2nd marking period.

5. Thanks to LaurenK question I learned how to do this today.  This would be a very neat tool to make your spreadsheets more relevant.  

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