Friday, December 07, 2012

Project Work

Podcast #4 is due today.


Imagine you are waiting to present your work and the person before you hits it out of the park.  Great ideas, polished presentation, and a 3D video design of the room.  Really think about how you will present your project.  Will it look like a 2012 project?  Or like you could have made it in 1996?

I want a rough draft of your project in my hands on Tuesday.  I'm going to move final presentations to the following week.  I want this to be really good.


Can you imagine if you were in high school 71 years ago today?  I find it hard to imagine.  We've seen the movies, but the mix of hope, fear, and determination must have been electric.  Those high schoolers went through so much.  They still do.

Lets take a moment and reflect on the sacrifices of the past and present.


2nd marking period graded activities:

  • Resume
  • Testing Blog, Meograph Blog
  • App Review Blog
  • SchneiderCorp Spreadsheet
  • Schedule Presentation
  • Podcast #4
  • Project
When we finish the project there will be basically three more weeks of class.  Be sure these grades are done.

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