Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Here is the form we will use to evaluate the presentations.  Each student will have an iPad to score their classmates work.  We will then average the 20 or so scores to get your grade.

We will present in the music room on that TV on Monday.  You can use the iPad or laptop.  Be sure to practice!  The presentation score is 40% of your project grade.  30% for memo, 20% for spreadsheet, 10% for drawing and blogging.

I will need the printed part of your project as well on Monday.  You can print it out at the beginning of class in case you do some work over the weekend.  Your packet should have memo-spreadsheet-drawing in order.  Your packet must include a drawing (not done in marker...) even if you have a 3d version for your presentation.

Expectations for groups with 3-4 people will obviously have higher expectations of detail than someone flying solo.

Be sure to improve your rough drafts.  Connect the money you are spending to student learning.

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