Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial Day

Can you believe that it is Memorial Day weekend already? This year, like all of them it seems, has gone very fast.

The judging for the Memorial Day Fireworks contest will start today at 2pm. You must have your submission in the correct spot in the UDrive by then (please check!). Be sure it is a .jpg file and that it is named correctly.

Today Web 2 and Web 4 should make sure they have completed the blog questions that are due. Each topic has interview material at this point. If you feel you need more material then get it done.

Web 1 will be a catch-up day. I will pass out progress reports and we can fix grades. While I do that your options are:

  • Finish or improve Memorial Day contest.
  • Continue practice with CSS or Java.
  • Complete the TED assignment from yesterday or watch more talks.
  • Play serious game.

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