Thursday, May 08, 2008


Some items from the news that you should read:

Cyclone news from Myanmar. They say the death toll may reach over 100,000. I can't even comprehend that number. They don't have enough fuel to burn the bodies so they can be disposed of properly. As we go home today to our nice homes and eat our pop tarts lets be sure to take a moment to think about the suffering and maybe think about what we can do.

An update on how the election for the Democratic Primary is going. Obama had a fairly good result in North Carolina and Indiana and has solidified his lead for the nomination. Remember--don't be ignorant. Know what is going on and what the choices are.

Can leadership change the impact on our environment? Check out the story on San Fransisco and their recycling effort. We recycle nothing here at our school. Could we do more?

How do you fight breast cancer if you are uninsured and state funding dries up? Those of you tackling the political side to the breast cancer question might want to explore this more.

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