Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I will leave at lunch for the NVL Track meet.

Web 1 Assignments:
1. Continue your work from yesterday. Practice with the tutorials.
2. Create a new web page about your class schedule (as we have done before). Let the tutorials help you use CSS to create the following:

3. When done please save to your WDrive. I will look at it there. Work together! Then be sure to finish your Memorial Day poster.

Web 2:

Tomorrow is the interview with Mrs. Deming. Thursday is the interview with Mr. Sirowich. Be sure to have your questions ready. Leave them on the blogmeister. Please save new drafts of your website to the UDrive-Web2 folder today.

Web 4:

Mr Pawluk answered some questions on David's blog. Remember, your expert interview is an important part of this process. Please save new drafts to the UDrive-Web4 folder today.

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