Thursday, May 29, 2008

Problems to Solve

We have several problems to solve today. Any field (medicine, music, government, web design) is about finding creative ways to solve problems but still making your deadline. Yes, things can be challenging.

So, if you have solutions post a comment on this blog!!

1. For Web 2 and Web 4 the Flash movies have been killing us. They are not converting from MovieMaker to Flash to Dreamweaver very consistently. We knew this was a klunky process to begin with. My idea this morning is to skip the process all together. Keep the movie in .wmv format and code an HTML page in notepad. Using EMBED SRC code as you did in Web 1 the movie should play fine. Other ideas are welcome. (OK: Possible solution. #1--work off of your desktop. Have the files there when you try to convert them--not on the WDRive. #2--when you convert--convert at a lower resolution. When it gets into Flash change your canvas size to fit. This should cut the time down to around 2 minutes)

2. I've been trying to figure out how to embed a Scratch file on an HTML page without uploading it to the Scratch website. There has to be a way to do this. I tried embedding it as a Java applet but I can't get it to work. If you get it to work let us know! (I figured it out!! I will put the samle files in "Scratch Folder" in WebSchneider. You need the "ScratchApplet" and the "Soundbank" files in your folder for it to work)

Other notes:
1. Judging has been completed for the Memorial Day contest. Results will be announced Monday night at the Tech Fair. The judges were very impressed by your entries.
2. Web 2 and Web 4 HAVE to be sure that they have inserted all the components and that all of the links work.
3. Remember, extra credit if you attend and write about the tech fair. Monday 5-7pm.
4. I have a judge whose specific job is to check citations. Be sure your page is complete. Remember you can cite clipart images as "Various images from ClipArt" but you must cite Flickr images individually. This may be a reminder for some of you to use your favorites button or google notepad.
5. Web 2 and Web 4 must complete their fourth blog post today.

OK. Get it done!

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