Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Today I hope to catch up on the grading. I am behind in several classes on that.

Some reading:

1. One Laptop per Child. Many of you remember when the OLPC program was announced last year. While the program has taken off in some areas, it needs a healthy push to gain needed capital.
2. A New Tool. We know that there is significant resistance to incorporating new tools into your educational environment. Many are worried about abuse. Do you use the tools you are provided effectively?
3. Take Control. We talk about this often. Are you stuck on the escalator? Or are you taking charge of your education. Are there parallels between what is happening in the online environment and what can happen in schools?

Our main focus is on making connections. Are you reading/writing/talking/blogging/video/composing/acting upon what is happening in the world? Or are you a innocent bystander? There are many examples of how you need to be connected.

Remember how we started this class. Moving you from an R1 to R4 environment is essential for your survival in a modern world. I set up an environment for learning and provide access to a world of teachers. I ask that you read and discuss what I provide and then add to the conversation.

So I ask you to be sure you write a substantial blog entry this week about one of the topics I present or one of your choosing. I ask that you start a conversation about the topic with one of your classmates using the comment feature on blogmeister. Look to a standard blog entry (here) for an example. Notice the richness of the conversation in the comments. The blog entry starts the conversation. Can you write in a way that starts this conversation?

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