Friday, September 14, 2007

End of Project 1

Today Web 1 and Web 2 students will have completed Project 1. I am happy with our progress. Almost all of you get the basic idea of the class and about fifty percent of you are absolutely nailing it.

Please complete this survey (only for Web 1 and Web 2) for me so I can get some feedback. I will post results by the end of the day.

Assignments for today:

Web 1 and Web 2: Take survey. Turn in work for project 1. Work on blogs: add clustrmap, picture, edit posts. On Monday we will start Project 2. You can get a head start on the reading if you want.

Web 3: We will assess your project today. By Monday please self-assess your work on your blog. Please review the rubric for the assignment. Write an evaluation in your blog. There are five sections of the rubric (each worth 20 pts). Divide your blog entry into 5 paragraphs or bullets. The format of each section should be criteria-opinion-evidence-score.

For example:

  • The criteria for assessment is "pride". In this project I made connections with my classmates, sought guidance from the instructor, and refined my drafts several times. I worked hard to create a project that I am proud of. I had an idea on how to include Flash in the instructions that I think I will use in future projects. I would score this section 20/20.

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