Monday, September 10, 2007

Here we go...

Please be patient with me today. Each class will be doing different things.

All classes should save their work in their WDrive. The resources you have to complete this project include the teacher, Powerpoint lessons in UDrive, the book, and each other. Help each other through this first project!

Web 1: You will start the HTML book. You will complete the following:

Notes for Web 1: page 1.17--save to WDrive (not floppy disk). Skip 1.20-1.22. Don't print page (1.31)

Web 2: You will start the Dreamweaver book. You will complete the following:

Notes for Web2: pages 1.12 through page 1.20 will require some network navigation. Create your "parks" folder in WDrive-Dreamweaver-folder. Read carefully and ask if you are not sure. Skip the step on 1.65--select browsers. Click f12 to preview web page.

Web 3: You will start your first teaching project.

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