Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Today we will finish our introductory unit (test to come shortly).

1. Read the following article. Save it in your favorites. Web Usability Guidelines.

2. Skim this basic article about usability and cellphones. Cell Phone usage

3. Start a MS Word Document. Using your google skills please find definitions for the following words or concepts. Cite your source!

web usability
search engine

4. Using google to search for information please summarize the following issues in terms of both usability and bandwidth. (cite your sources)

Describe the web usability issues if you were working at a science station in Antartica. (try this site) . This question involves bandwidth usability.
Describe the web usability issues with a PDA device or phone. This question involves bandwidth and design usability.
Describe the competitive advantage of having broadband access. Check this graph out.

5. Which of the following websites has a higher usability for teenagers. Why??

Connecticut Post

Please post your answers on your blog.

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