Monday, September 24, 2007


I will spend most of today grading any missing work. After today those grades will be converted to a zzero in the computer.

Web1: Quiz: (20pts total). Due end of class Tuesday.

  • Create a folder in your WDrive-Web1. Label it "Quiz2".
  • Download a clip-art image of an American Flag. Save in Quiz2 folder
  • Create a two-page website.
  • Title Page 1: "American Flag". Add heading, background color, and flag image.
  • Center image.
  • Title Page 2: "American Flag History". Add heading. Add short description of Flag history with two links to further information.
  • Link pages together: Make image on Page 1 the link to Page 2. On Page 2 include a "home" link back to page 1.
  • Save both pages. Test links.


  • Grading of Project 2
  • Start project 3 (tables).


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