Thursday, October 18, 2007

Exam Thoughts

Some random exam thoughts:

1. Think before you start coding your page. Think about usability, bias, accessibility. Remember your audience is a 5th grader. Can they find the answer to the question?
2. Is your site interactive or does it look like an essay? Is there stuff for a kid to click on?
3. Have you really thought about your layout and how many pages/frames/links make it most usable? Don't put in 10 links simply because you can.
4. Citation page is essential.
5. The Japanese keyboard question should not be just a description of the keyboard. Be sure to find an expert to consult (use blogs!). Do people ACTUALLY use it the way it is described in wikipedia.
6. The iTunes question is not about iTunes, it is about musicians and their music. Will they record more or less? Find data to back up your claim.
7. Tell a story! Don't write an essay!

Above all, expect to revise, rewrite, and revisit your sites many times.

Several blogs got comments from New Zealand yesterday!

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