Friday, October 19, 2007

Movie Maker

We have been taking very short tours (10 minutes or so) of some of the programs available on your computer. On Wednesday we looked at Audacity.

It is important to note that if we took time to learn all the programs on your computer from first to last program by the time we got to the last program the first program would already be obsolete. It is impossible to keep up.

So I believe in the just in time, just enough theory of learning. If you take charge of your learning you learn what you need to complete a project.

Today we will look at Windows Movie Maker. Here are three examples from last year that we posted on Each of these videos have had over 2500 hits.


Notice that none of those videos used copyrighted images or music. We create original work here. Their assignment was to create a 28 second long Public Service Announcement. Did you notice how they used music to create an emotion?

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