Tuesday, October 23, 2007

CECA Update

I am here at CECA listening to the keynote address by Dr. Henry Lee. He is talking through the cases that he has worked on (OJ, Vincent Foster, JFK). Very interesting. My presentation is at 11am and I will update more later.


I finished my presentation a few moments ago. There were about eighty educators in the room and it was a lively discussion. I spoke about what goes on in our class and how writing is undergoing a fundamental shift from two dimensions to three dimensions.

I showed them your clustrmaps, a few of your blogs, and the survey we took a few weeks ago. I think everyone enjoyed it and I predict that many educators will be visiting your blogs today. If you are a "visitor" and reading this I encourage you to click on this blogmeister link and leave comments on the students blogs! Or here on this blog! Don't be afraid....

I am sitting in the room that they set aside for presenters. It is nice and quiet and they have really nice chairs, Cokes, and snacks. Of course, it is nice to have wireless access as well.

I hope things are going well in school and I hope to see great progress on your exams when I return tomorrow.


TMorrow said...

Coke and food. Always good.

SKM said...

Thank you so much for your presentation today. I didn't get a chance to talk to you afterwards, but I wanted to tell you how great it was. I'm so excited about sharing these ideas with the teachers in my school--I see applications in all sorts of content areas. I e-mailed the Dean of Academics as soon as I could to start working on setting aside some professional development time for me to work with teachers.
Thanks again!

Mr. Schneider said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it! It was the first time I had presented this workshop so any feedback is helpful. Please contact me (or my students!) if you need any information.