Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I will post exam thoughts throughout the day here. A few early reminders:

1. Citations!! Work on this.
2. Your site should be visual and interactive. Give a the reader something to click on.
3. If you write paragraphs be sure it is in three dimensions by including linked text.
4. Modern design is essential. It is hard to find a legitimate website with anything but a white background. Many of you are using pictures as backgrounds and it just doesn't work. Sorry.
5. Dog link.
6. For Dreamweaver movies vs. Windows Movie Maker. Go to Flash. Import the movie you made in Movie Maker. When you save the movie in Flash you can then embed that Flash movie in Dreamweaver.
7. Olivia's Blog has the code to embed a movie in HTML.

Please make a blog entry today about your exam progress. I hope you have learned something in the last few days. A great entry will be very clear to the reader about your exam. Use descriptive details, talk about examples you have seen in the UDrive, link to information or students blogs that you have enjoyed.

Here are an example example2 from the NY Times of how graphics and images can improve the usability of your page. Can you compare and contrast these pages with the ones you are creating (graphics, font, background, link set-up, etc...)?

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