Friday, October 05, 2007

Exam and Blog Notes

Many of you made very perceptive comments about your blog. Now put those ideas into action!

Today I am launching the Web 2 and Web 3 marking period exams. The content and questions are the same for both exams. Web 2 students saw these questions last year. But the techniques will be different as Web 2 will be using Dreamweaver and Web 3 will be using Dreamweaver and Flash. Exams are due November 2.

Check out the Best Flash Websites. Get any ideas?

Examples from last year are in the Udrive.

I will grade your projects and your evidence of collaboration. You must show evidence of collaboration on your blog. Who else is working on your question?

I also include the amnesty program for anyone needing a grade boost.

Web 1 will continue their work in the textbook.

David Pogue is the leading technology person at NYTimes. He has a cool video about the OLPC. Hope it gets through the filter (aargh--not coming through filter yet...). Try doing this at home, its worth it.

Do you know how to use tags? Those are the things at the bottom of this post. You can use tags to see what people are blogging about on a subject like the OLPC. Want to impress me and get more clicks on your blog? Write a response to one of the posts about OLPC that you read. Put a comment on their blog linking back to yours.

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