Monday, November 26, 2007


Web 3:

1. For most users the major difference I see between Flash and Scratch is the simplicity of the actions. You were all able to make your animations do something fairly easily. Of course, the actual making of the animations is easier and more powerful in Flash. But....what if you spent a few weeks using Scratch as you did Flash??
2. Please focus today on actionscripts and buttons. I want everyone's movies to have working buttons by the end of the period. Work together. Try to figure out more than one way to make your button work (script, using menus, different codes, etc...). Post a correct method/tutorial for adding a Start Button on your blog.

Web 2:

Quiz: Add a survey and map/movie to your Watertown High School website.

  • Survey/Form: What would a high school use a form for? Keep the form simple and be sure to link back to home page.
  • Map: Create a map that gives "directions" from Seymour High School to Watertown High School. This is an adaptation of the skills you learned when you made your RV travel around Florida. You will probably want to create the map yourself rather than trying to download one. I realize this map may be a bit clunky.

Web 1:

1. Bookwork. I want to make sure everyone is comfortable up to Chapter 6 before we move on. If you feel completely comfortable then help a neighbor. prepared, this site is amazing.

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