Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Recently, I have been obsessed with energy usage in my home. I have been looking at various ways to monitor how many watts I use daily and how certain things draw electricity. I want one of these for Christmas.

I am an Oberlin alum so I have followed their work with the Lewis Environmental Center. Oberlin has been a leader in "green design".

So I thought; "If I can monitor the watts being used in my house, what about at SHS?" So I checked the Oberlin website and I found that they have a website dedicated to monitoring the impact of the Lewis Center AND they monitor the energy use of buildings around campus. Very, very cool!

I did some more searching and found the Lucid Design Group and their page from Williamstown Elementary School. This might be my website of the year. The usability rating for this is through the roof. No extra info, perfectly formatted, speaks directly to the target audience.

I am convinced that these monitors save energy because people instinctively will try to lower the figures on the charts. Do we know how much energy we waste at home or here in school? Could we make a significant impact on our energy footprint? This may become the most important issue of your lifetime. What tools will you create for this environment?

Todays blog entry will be about these websites. Please write about their usability and accessibility. What thoughts do you have about how we can use the web and our global network to find solutions to our growing climate crisis?

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