Monday, November 05, 2007

End of Exams!

I will spend most of today doing the remainder of the grading. As of 7am Monday morning the highest grade is 100 and the lowest grade is a 66. Overall: good job.

I have been impressed by the depth of your evaluations. Also, how some of you use HTML to improve the usability of your blog (check here). On the blogmeister I give some examples of outstanding work that you can find in the Udrive.

Today you will do the following:
1. Take ten minutes to look at student work and then leave comments.
2. Leave comments on two students blogs on why you think their work is outstanding. Use the language of evaluations (phrases, adjectives, terms, etc...) that we talked about this week.

After the ten minutes looking at student work then:

1. Play one of these serious games:

2. Leave time to answer the following question on your blog:

  • Should serious games have a larger role in learning? Be sure to provide a link to an example of a serious game.

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