Thursday, November 08, 2007


I am working this week on developing three project choices for students. These would be a focus for students joining me for the second semester, but any students are welcome to get involved.

1. Thinkquest is a national competition that has serious projects and serious prizes. Check it out. I will choose the elite team for this competition.
2. I want us to start publishing books that go in our libary, you can give as gifts, or you can put on your resume. (currently blocked--no idea why?)allows us to do that. Want to become a published author? We will have a designed project on family history but we could also publish books on web design, blogging, or even the SHS soccer team.
3. The third project is the Fox 61 student news program. This is a great opportunity for you. Again, prizes, resume building, and EXPERIENCE!

I will be working on the formal process soon. If you have ideas, please let me know.

If want you to think of using web design to work on a project for another class. Faculty have specifically offered to work with us. So---do you have a project that could get graded in both classes? Do you have an "essay" that you could instead do a website, movie, or Flash display? We encourage you to suggest alternative assessments.

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