Thursday, November 01, 2007


Today, Thursday, I will be in and out of the room most of the day. I apologize, it is beyond my control....

Checklist for exam:
1. Web 2 and Web 1: Do you have a link to a blog on your subject?
2. Citations are formatted properly.
3. Alt text, titled pages, etc...
4. Saved in Udrive correctly, checked all files.

When Done:
1. Save folder in udrive: bschneiderdogs-DONE. When it is marked Done I know to grade it.
2. Complete and score evaluation and submit on blog.
3. Move on in tutorials or book.

I leave for the State Open tomorrow at lunch time so tomorrow I will not be in Period 6 or Period 7. On Monday I wil miss Period 7 as Mrs. Schneider has a hospital appointment I need to be at. So....7th period especially needs to make sure they send me a question if they have any!!! Use your blog.

I really apologize for the disruption this causes.

Monday we will move on and do any last minute grade fixes. I will have to spend Monday grading your exams. Be patient.

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