Friday, December 21, 2007

Google Earth

Assignments for Friday:

Web 1: Evaluate your exam on blog. What went well? Do you feel confident in your HTML skills? Who do you think did the best exam? Then do the Google Earth assignment.

Web 2: Finish your draft and submit to Lauren in the UDrive. Then do the Google Earth assignment.

Web 3: Google Earth testing and blog entry.

Yesterday an issue with our firewall was resolved so now we have access to Google Earth. We will spend today exploring the program. Google Earth is a program that is starting many trends in web design (remember Google maps and Google Earth is a profound shift forward in how we process and present information.

Check out this (some content seems to be blocked):
Google Earth Blog
Google Earth: education

Things to find (some of these might require extra google skills):
Stone Mountain, Georgia
Yankee Stadium
Science station on Antartica
Google's headquarters in California
The Pyramids of Egypt
The Great Wall of China
Then play around with the program. What do you think?

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