Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Good essay from David Pogue about accessibility. Check it out.

This link is from the HTML tutorial and explains how to embed a Flash movie.

Web 3 has been working on their thinkQuest projects and we think we have the leading candidates for project ideas:

  • Desserts around the world. Connect desserts with geography and history. Do the desserts of Mexico have similarities to the desserts of Spain?
  • Impact of LED lights. How can the switch from old light bulbs to LEDs have an impact on the environment? If we replace all the lights in Times Square with LED lights how much energy will we save?
  • Viking Mythology. Where are there traces of Viking mythology around the world? Did the travels of the Vikings in the Middle Ages produce a lasting cultural impact in other mythologies?
  • Backtracking. Are there hidden messages in albums?
  • Body image in different cultures. What is beautiful? Is the idea of beauty different around the world?

What do you think? Should we include other ideas?

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