Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Welcome Back

For the next eight school days we will be in project mode before we turn to our final exams. While our final exams are all scheduled for different days I expect to start our exam early on the 15th as I expect it to take more than one class period.

Web 1:

  • Review vocabulary. Here is a sample from last years exam. If these questions are unclear you have some studying to do. All important vocabulary should be in your chapter summaries.
  • Read and practice the exercises in the "extended book" (that's the eleven chapter HTML book). My expectation is that you have a basic understanding of these chapters. You can find the files in the UDrive. Share the books (or use the PowerPoint files for instructions--in Udrive).
  • Continue to practice Flash and Fireworks by using the tutorials.
  • Make a 28 second news segment about the results of the Iowa Caucus (see below) using MovieMaker. You MUST include sound that you record with Audacity in this news broadcast.

Web 2:

  • Revise book chapters.
  • Start to create web companion to your chapter in Dreamweaver.

Web 3:

  • Create Flash based website about Iowa Democratic Caucus results. The caucus is Thursday. I will grade your website at the end of class on Friday.
  • Create a site that includes graphs of the results, non-copyrighted photos of the three leading candidates, and an easy to use navigation system .
  • This site should have only the most basic information. The most important thing is that your data is animated (the graphs move, the pie charts hop, etc...).
  • Check out Barack Obama's explanation of the caucus system (in Flash).
  • Check out Hillary Clinton's Iowa page.
  • Check out John Edwards's Iowa page.
  • Create a blog entry analyzing the usability of your page AND analyzing the usability of the three leading candidates pages. That should be four total paragraphs. Track the CHANGES these pages make over the next few days.

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