Monday, January 07, 2008

Exam notes, Iowa, etc...

For all: keep track of the news from New Hampshire. What web tools are being used?

For all: test the new search engine from Wikipedia called Wikia Search. Do some reading about the search function. There are some profound differences between this system and google or yahoo searching. Since the algorithms are brand new (it launched today) the searches might not work great. But the point is that YOU can help them fix it by ranking the results. Just like wikipedia, if we ALL pool our knowledge we might come up with something very productive.

On another note, a software launching can be a messy business. It might be neat to track how this does over the next few days.

Web 3:

Finish Iowa website. Be sure to create a blog entry analyzing the usability of your page AND analyzing the usability of the three leading candidates pages. That should be four total paragraphs. Track the CHANGES these pages make over the next few days.

Web 2:

Work on website for book. Book deadline is this week and we will be sending you edits to make.

Web 1:

Finish news segment and post to UDrive. Check your work. Write a blog entry analyzing your work and comparing it to your classmates. Who has the best 28 second segment? Did you answer who-what-when-where-how and have a good headline?

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