Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Today Web 1 and Web 2 students will finish their Bias assignments and save them to the Udrive. Please ask your partners or me if you need help saving the files.

By the end of today please complete your evaluation of the project by answering the following questions on your blog:

1. Briefly describe the two types of bias (content, design).
2. Provide a link to additional reading about bias (see below).
3. How does your assignment display design bias?
4. Whose assignment in the Udrive is the best? Why?

If you finish early I would like you to take the opportunity to visit another class blog. This teacher wrote to me looking for students to communicate with his students. Visit their blogs. Maybe you can find an entry from a student to comment on. Be sure to follow the protocal for leaving your URL correctly in the comment boxes so they can find YOUR blog (first name-last initial, leave email blank). Remember to follow our code of conduct and always be productive, responsible, and appropriate.

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