Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Survey Results

1. Evaluate your technology expertise since September 1.

I've learned a lot more than I thought I would. 76%
I've learned about what I thought I would 14%
I've learned some. 10%
Nothing so far... 0 %

2. Have you read or edited your blogmeister from home?

Yes 71%
No 29%

3. What has been the best learning experience?

Textbook or Tutorial work 30%
Flash/Fireworks projects 50%
Videos 6%
Working with classmates 14%

4. Are you producing your best work?

Yes 87%
No 13%

5. Which of the following would you like to explore more? Click all that apply.

Educational gaming simulations 70%
Blogging and global networking 27%
Wikis/Collaborations 13%
Web-based phones 43%

6. If you look at the assignments from September do they look...

Much easier now 91%
Same 7%
Still can't figure it out...1%

7. Do you feel comfortable creating and editing a basic webpage?

Yes 91%
No 6%
Whats a webpage? 3%

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