Wednesday, January 09, 2008


It is exam time. I use the exam to evaluate whether you have learned the concepts we have covered. The most important thing I will look for is that you choose the correct tool for the task. Do you use code that is efficient and clean? Does your design demonstrate the usability concepts I have beaten into your head? Is your page accessible to those with disabilities?

A few other general notes about the exam:
1. Web 1 will not be allowed any notes for the vocabulary section.
2. For all other parts of the exam you can get assistance from anything but me. Ask for help from your partners when stuck, use the book, check the web. Obviously, copying a classmates words, codes or ideas will be subject to a zero on the exam.
3. I will judge you against the highest standard of excellence. You have been great students and I will expect great work.

Web 1:
Complete the second marking period work by answering the questions on the blogmeister. I will use one of those questions on the exam. Be sure you are reviewing the study questions and list of vocab words.

We will not do any more book work. You should review the tutorials I link to on the blogmeister. I will post the exam on Tuesday. You can preview a version by finding last years exam.

Web 2:
The exam prep is posted. You also must complete your Lulu projects. Read this article from yesterday's New York Times about Lulu.

Web 3:
Exam review is posted. The real exam questions will be posted Monday. I want to give you a few days to review. Second marking period grades are closed.

Some of you will be exempt from the exam which means you are my better upperclass students. I ask that you work on the exam and the review regardless of your exemption as your exam (being my better upperclass students) will tell me much about how I taught the class. We can negotiate this individually.

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