Thursday, January 03, 2008


Today is the Iowa Caucus and many of you are working on projects related to this start of the election season. Learning how to analyze, communicate, and CREATE is an essential skill in today's world.

Knowing what is going on in the world is important. Don't be ignorant. Bad things happen to ignorant people. You should know about the candidates, what their positions are and be able to articulate why you support a candidate.

Democracy can be scary. Check out what is happening in Kenya today. Or Pakistan (I warn you that these are brutal images). How do you want your next President to represent YOU as he or she faces this crisis?

The world views us through the web now. As web designers you must understand the choices that you make can have a profound impact.

I have given you several links that should give you ideas for your presentation. All Iowa assignments will be due Monday. Remember, Web 1: You must use Audacity to record your voiceover (VO).

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