Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Today we will do the following:

Turn in project three.
1. Copy whole project three folder from the W;Drive to your folder in the U:Drive--WebSchneider folders.
2. PROOFREAD your files. Make sure that they work.

Start Project Four:
1. Copy the data files from the U:Drive into your W:Drive--project 4 folder.
2. Start reading chapter.
3. Assignments: Project (surfing), Apply 1 (money), outline, Learn it Online.

Project Four is about image maps. We will not spend that much time on this for a few reasons. First, its pretty simple to do if you understand links. Second, its unlikely you will ever have to create image maps in this way, but you MIGHT need to edit them. Finally, the rest of the book requires some understanding of this concept.

Think of image maps as hotspots (like a link). You are creating clickable regions on the image that will send you to another page.

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