Monday, October 16, 2006

Turn in Project Two

Today we will turn in project two. Please follow these steps:

1. Follow the checklist from Friday to check all of your work

Assignments for Project Two:

1. Project Two (resumes)
2. Apply 1 (Family Reunion)
3. In the Lab 1 (Blood Drive)
4. In the Lab 2 (After-School)
5. Cases and Places 4 (Resume)
6. Chapter Outline

Confirm that all files are in your book chapters-project two folder.

2. Right click the Project Two folder in your W:Drive. Click copy.
3. Find your named folder in the U:Drive--Web Schneider. If you need to create a folder, do so.
4. Open your named folder and paste your project two folder inside it.
5. Confirm that all the files moved and that they all work.

If there is work that you need to complete, then do so. Otherwise study for tomorrows Project Two quiz.

I saved my idea for Web Olympics in the U:drive. If you have any ideas, let me know. Teams will be drawn from a hat.