Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Some issues we are having with project two:

1. Some of you can't get the Purdue University picture to display on the sample1 page. I don't have an explanation for it.
2. One or two of the computers won't display the greyback background. If you think this applies to you, check your work on a different computer.
3. The two errors I see most often are direction skipping and typos.

A note about Cases and Places 4. You are creating a web resume about YOU. Instead of a picture and link to Purdue University you should have a picture and link to SHS, etc..... You will add a link on the WebResHome Page once you complete this. There will be TWO SAMPLES to link to. One sample will be the one from the book, one will be your resume. I really hope that made sense.

I warned you this project wasn't easy to do because of the focus required. Keep up the good work. Help each other. If anyone can solve #1 or #2 above that would be great.

I've noticed that those who read and outlined the chapter first plowed through the work MUCH faster than those who dove right into the project without reading.