Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Wednesday Notes and Assignment

Thanks for your good wishes yesterday. I am not back to full strength, so go easy on me today.

A few notes about your folders that you turned in;
1. A major issue is saving to the correct place on the U:Drive. Make sure you save in the correct folder.
2. A second issue is closing the container tags (/HTML, /HEAD, etc..). Many of you neglected to do this.
3. The third issue is proofreading. I think if you proofread each others work almost all the errors could be prevented. This is an ESSENTIAL part of the design process; how you work with others to ensure accuracy.

All in all, you produced excellent work on this project. Almost every one of you demonstrates a high degree of understanding on this unit. I have been working ahead on the Project Two. Those of you who are "directions skippers" will have a very difficult time---so be patient AND READ THE PAGE!!!!!!!!! The coding will become more and more precise and the number of lines of code will greatly increase.

Todays assignment:

1. Open a notepad file. Save it in class projects as googlehtml

2. Using google please answer the following questions:

a. What were the five highest grossing movies of 2006 in America?
b. What were the five highest grossing movies of 2005 in America?

3. Design and Create a webpage in Notepad that answers the above questions. Your page should include:

a title
correct information
citation (can be parenthetical, noodletools style, or in paragraph---"According to movies.com....")

4. Save file

Extra credit: What is the major problem with todays blog posting?