Sunday, October 29, 2006


Don't turn in any work to the U:Drive yet. Again, some people have used the U:Drive to copy work. I'm tracking them down.

On that note we are testing two software packages that allow us to work in groups and chat about our assignments. I can view your screen and I can get on your screen and help you with things. Its a pretty cool way to collaborate. I will ask for feedback on your blogs about the experience. I know some of you aren't used to someone looking over your shoulder. Again, don't use the computer for anything or type anything you don't want me to see.

I'm going to use the next few days to collect and grade everything for marking period one. As I do that I will start adding people to the new blogging service. Please check it out at

The Wiki work is progressing. I have given some of you assignments on either your wiki page or your blog.

One thing that might be new to some of you is that you have a copy of my grade book (as do your parents). Be warned that I can't and won't boost grades up. You will get what the computer determines.

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