Thursday, October 26, 2006


Quiz on Project Three today.

I think you have all figured it out. I've had a few questions about rowspans that I had to look up, but most of you understand. I urge you to read the chapter (I don't want this to be a class where I read it to you or we go around the room reading a paragraph each). That would solve many issues. A good page to look at is HTM 3.12 and HTM 3.13. That page gives a good explanation of the table structure.

If you need extra practice try the table tutorial.

Some of you were having trouble with cases and places (dont forget to do this part!).
A good tutorial is at this site.

Learn it online has some good pages in the "More About" section. I urge you to check them out.

You should have completed:
1. Project
2. Apply
3. Lab2
4. Cases and Places 2 and 3
5. Outline

My guniea pigs must have completed at least the project and show evidence of applying their knowledge in their blog.

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