Monday, October 30, 2006


Today will again be a paperwork day as I try to assign the rest of the blogs and check everyone's grades. Remember, I am giving this time so ALL students get a chance to catch up.

Please answer the question on the blogmeister in your blog today. Be sure to add a link to the podcasting article in your blog entry.

Most of you understand that I am testing and transitioning to the new technologies. I am revamping most of what we do and asking for feedback through the blogs and surveys.

1. Be patient. Ask questions politely. I will work hard to answer them.

2. I repeat that I will not stand in front of the class and say "Please turn to page...". We will not all do the same thing at the same time. Why? Because each one of your needs is different. It would be unfair to push you all into the same box. I am trying to let you choose your path. I have given you all many things to choose from the last few days as everyone catches up. You can be working on media programs (fireworks, flash, etc..), wikis, blogs, or helping classmates.

This web article is a good summary of teaching styles. All the modern research suggests the student centered models are best. I am trying hard to develop this model. As we start doing more and more projects it will make more sense to you.

3. I am trying many new things with the technology. The technology will constantly change. I would expect you to demand that I use the newest technology.

4. These classes have very high achievers, and some fairly slow learners. I am asking for feedback after each project to judge our pacing. I will begin to incorporate more of the problem based learning. This will enable our faster learners to move much quicker. The blogs and Wikis are designed to keep track of this progress. I need the time at the end of the projects to help some of the kids who need extra help.

Be an independent learner.

This will be a bumpy ride. I will not do everything right. I will continue to try new thngs and make mistakes. The one thing I can guarantee is that come the end of January you will ALL understand how the web works in the modern world.

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