Wednesday, October 25, 2006

New Technology

We have been experimenting with the wikipedias.

A few notes:
1. Seymour History.
2. Wikipedia only allows 6 new accounts from the school per day. Please start an account at home.
3. Learn about the process. The first few days weren't fun.
4. Absolutely follow proper etiquette when posting. Some of you didn't and I had to spend half of a day on it.

Tables and project notes:
1. Quiz on Friday. Be ready.
2. You all seem to get it. Yet, we are all having typos. I haven't figured out how to stop the typos. Typos are 90% of our problems. Another 8% are U:drive vs. W:Drive types of issues. And finally there are 2% of "content" issues.
3. The guinea pigs are working hard (I hope) and I will need their input for designing the next unit. They are being graded through their blog and wiki entries. You can see their blogs on . The initial thought is we will all move to that blogging. I jsut need to figure out the best way to do it.

FAIR WARNING::::Grades are closing. Turn in any missing work. It is your responsibility to make it happen.

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