Friday, October 20, 2006

Many of you are producing work which is of the FINEST quality possible. I appreciate all of your hard work. I am very impressed by the focus many of you bring to these projects.

I will be meeting with each of you individually over the next few days to go over your work. Please contact me if you need any help after school or during study halls. It is obviously MUCH easier to give you the attention you might need when there aren't 24 other students calling my name....

Project Three is about tables. It is not a difficult project, it just about learning new coding and reinforcing the coding we just learned. I urge you to read and outline the chapter first. Many of our problems result from students trying to take short cuts.

Assignments for Project Three:
1. Outline.
2. Project Three (Theater Club)
3. Learn it Online
4. Apply1 (HTM 3.58)
5. In the Lab 2 (HTM 3.59)
6. Cases and Places 2 and 3 (HTM3.62)---Use microsoft clipart online for images--link on blog.

I will be attending the state technology conference on Monday. When I return on Tuesday I will expect that most of the Project is done and you are working on the Labs and Cases. I want to move through this unit fairly quickly. We started 12 school days behind the other web classes and I estimate we are about 7-8 days behind now.

I forgot to mention yesterday how much Claudia and I enjoyed attending the NVL Cross Country championship on Wednesday. As you know, I left coaching this year when I came to Seymour and I was very impressed watching the Seymour team. They have come a long way. We had several web designers run very well (Jocelyn, Craig, etc...). And Joe Paulsen is the first 2006-07 Champion from Seymour. Congratulations. I hope to make states next week. If you have never been to a XC meet you would be very impressed. You dont often see 2500 high schoolers competing on the same day, and over 4000 spectators (they line the course for 3 miles). I also think some of you would be amazed at how FAST some of these kids run. Try running around the track in 75 seconds. Then try doing it 12 times in a row without stopping. Up and down hills. In the rain. Thats XC.