Monday, March 03, 2014


**Be sure to complete the Google a Day and put the answer in your spreadsheet that you made on Friday.

Challenge #5:
Draw a map of Seymour High School using Google Docs.  Name this "Challenge #5-Map".  I do not need EVERY detail on the map, just the highlights (cafeteria, library, etc...).  How will you deal with the 2 floors?  Please print out your map for me AND save it in your google folder.

Challenge #6:
Write me a formal email asking me to read and subscribe to your blog.  Write it to  This email should be short, include a link, and have absolutely no typos.

Challenge #7:
Please write a blog post about your survey results.  You might include data from your survey.  Google uses some neat charts and pie graphs.  Can you find them?  What will you improve next time?  One of the most important aspects of any campaign (business, political, or social) is getting responses.  Did you get five responses?  If not, work on it before you write the post.

Challenge #8:
Work for 30 minutes in either HTML or Java in Code Avengers.

Challenge #9:
Did you comment on Mr. Florek's blog post yet?  Leave comments that continue the conversation or add value.  Your comment should show evidence that you read the blog post AND your blog post.  

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