Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Hopefully both wikipedia and Google are rolling and I can do some grading.

Please watch this video.  Some cool new things for Google Docs:



1. Do the google a day.  Put your results in your spreadsheet.

2. Check out this cool hack from MusicHackDay.  Put in your headphones.  Read more about music hack day here.  I kinda wish school was like this.

3. Read and Write Blog post:  read this article about testing.  What do you think?  Include link to original article.

4. Complete Wikipedia tutorial from last class.  Be familiar with the pillars of wikipedia and how to make basic edits.

5. Get to at least 300pts total in code avenger.

 A few things we need to improve as a class in our writing:
  • Paragraphs.  Organize your thoughts.
  • Include relevant links.  
  • Have a solid closing thought.  The closing thought should encourage comments on your blog.  Don't END a conversation, START one.

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