Sunday, March 09, 2014


We will be spending some time in wikipedia.  I want you to read, edit, and comment on articles.  Wikipedia is a very, very powerful tool for communication.

Step 1: Create an account in wikipedia.  This should work today.  If it is IP address blocking you try this procedure.

Step 2: Complete the tutorial.  Wikipedia's editing rules are serious.  

Step 3: Begin editing the Seymour High School page.  Follow the wikipedia rules to decide:
  • What is relevant?
  • What can you provide sources for?
  • How should you format the entries and edits?
You WILL get almost immediate feedback from other editors on the site.  Be polite, be thoughtful, and above all be correct!
Step 4: Edit additional articles that may interest you.  Anything that is school appropriate.  I expect this to be an ongoing process.  Edit something you are an expert in.
How will I evaluate you?  Good question.
  • Quality:
    • Do your edits follow the format for wikipedia?  
    • Do the edits get rejected by other editors?
    • Do you add value to Wikipedia?
    • Did you finish the tutorial and show evidence of that work in your editing?
  • Quantity:
    • You should have between 10-15 substantive edits (not fixing typos, etc...) before March 31.  This will be hard for some of you.
    • I should see some edits over a period of time (not all on one day).  This is to show that you are checking your work and responding to other editors.
    • Edits survive on at least two pages.
  • Collaboration:
    • Do you help classmates as you complete the tutorial?
    • Do you utilize the chat functions to communicate with other editors?
    • Do your edits respect other viewpoints?
In addition:
1. Everyone does Google A Day.
2. If you are missing blog entries (Educational Games, Is it Alive, etc..) do that now.
3. Everyone must have at least four comments on blogs or Google+.  Make sure the comments add value to the conversation.
4. Code Avenger.  Try to finish courses.  This will be homework after today.
5. Do some learning with MakeyMakey.

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