Friday, March 21, 2014


If you have not completed your test in blogger please do that first.  Please post to Google+.

If you have not posted your spreadsheet and schedule to Google+ do that next.

Challenge #1:
Complete a Google a Day.  Make sure you enter data correctly to your spreadsheet.  Have you figured out how to compute average time?

Challenge #2:
How responsible do adults and teens need to be about technology use with children?  Watch this video.  Is technology use helpful or harmful?  What rules should be set up in a household?  Please write a blog entry that:

  • Includes links to relevant research, videos, or images.
  • Is clearly written, has a main point, topic sentences, etc...
  • Encourages conversation and comments.
  • Is shared in the Google+ community.
Challenge #3: 
Analyze the red dots on your clustrmap on your blog.  Please write a short blog entry about your audience.  You can also go to blogger and look at your stats to see which blog posts got read, and by whom.  

Challenge #4:
Please get to 400 pts in Code Avenger.

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